Organic goodies

I’m always playing hide and seek when it comes to searching out organic wholesome produce.

It has been a good adventure, especially when I find the rewards after lots of searching.

This week I weaved my way through the city to get to Qadisiyya, I was told that there is a bakery there that sells yeast free, organic, whole foods and freshly baked wholesome bread. You can imagine my excitement when I just found out about this place and then when I actually got to it….I was in heaven, well close at least 🙂

The place is called Raha Stone Mill. It’s in the same vicinity as the Co-op in Qadisiyya. They even have a facebook page.

Unfortunately the pictures I took of the place with my “smart”phone somehow didn’t save so all I have to show you are the products I purchased. Nonetheless, here are my little luxuries…




I need to start finding some recipe-treats to make with my spelt flour, and those dates are going to be great in many “guilt-free” desserts. I can’t wait to get started.

Do you know of any other places that sell these Organic goodies? I would love to know




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