What do you do with your plastic bottles?


Here in the middle east, I find that I have more trash to throw out, mostly from packaged food items, and loads of bottles from bottled water. We are not too comfortable drinking out of the tap, even with the filters- we have been advised not to.

So for a while I kept feeling guilty as I drank a bottle and tossed it into the trash- to the point where I cut down on my water consumption in the hope of sparing a few more bottles.

Together with using the recycling companies that are making some difference, we have found our own alternative at home.

We cut the gallon bottles open, drill holes in the bottom for drainage and began planting.


So far we have basil- that made a delicious pesto, mint that is thriving- any ideas what to do with it? Because it’s just growing wild. Anyone want some for replanting give me a buzz. We also have aloe which is a great Medicine. After the summer we plan to start some tomatoes, carrots and more.

We are also experimenting with other sorts of planters and composting- more posts to follow depending on how we journey along.

I am so thrilled that we decided to utilize the bottles now towards a good purpose- and a new hobby has sprung 🙂 It started out as my need to grow organic, pesticide free herbs and veggies and is evolving into a great family past time- one that curly tops’ dad is loving too….shhhhh (he might just realize it and change his mind) 🙂

If you have more ideas on how you recycle some of your waste in creative ways please let me know…until then I hope that I have planted a seed for you as an idea to use your bottles.

Happy recycling




6 thoughts on “What do you do with your plastic bottles?

  1. LOVE it! you have these growing outside? are you growing from seed or buying the little plants? I think i should get some aloe.. I just brought my mint and basil in yesterday, they were taking quite the beating in the summer heat. You know the pthalate talk of plastic bottles not being too good for us – does that not apply to plants also?

  2. I have these double windows, so its out of the air conditioned area but still protected from the dust etc, like a greenhouse effect. So far they are doing fine-haven’t had to move them indoors yet. These were my experiments to see if I don’t kill them off in the first week, so they were little plants from the store. I plan to start the seeds after the summer as I was advised not to start now- most things will begin to die off during the summer. Eek, the question about the BPA, there’s only so much I can control personally- so we drink the masafi water- it says BPA free, possibly not. And since I have lots and lots of bottles I’m not willing to discard, I’m just giving them a go.

  3. Amazing green solutions!
    You’re plants look very happy, I’m sure you’ll grow even happier plants this coming season!
    Get genovese basil seeds from Alshaheen nurseries or Al Inma Agri. dev. It’s the pesto basil.

    I have a trick for tomatoes, that you can use with your set up. See how you don’t fill up the entire container? Tomato roots can grow out of its stem wherever the stem touches soil. So first fill the thing to it’s 1/3 and as your tomato grows, keep burying its stem (cutting off any branches except the very top ones) with rich soil. And you’ll have a very healthy plant!
    Tomatoes will be too cramped in anything under 5 gallons btw.

    Be sure to grow Kale for your smoothies! I can give you seedlings in the future.

    Summer can’t end soon enough 😦 I really miss gardening.

    • Wow, your trick for the tomatoes sounds excellent, im not in Kuwait now but i’ll be sure to try that out when I get back, If you do have some Kale i’d love to have them 🙂 will get in touch…love all your advise and tips 🙂

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