Kuwait 2nd Fattest Country In The World


According to a research by BMC Public health, the total amount of extra weight in the world is about 3.5 Billion kg (3.9 million tons). That much weight consumes the same amount of food for an extra half a billion people on earth!

The research also published the top 10 world’s heaviest/lightest nations.

The heaviest nations are:

  1. United States
  2. Kuwait
  3. Croatia
  4. Qatar
  5. Egypt
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Trinidad and Tobago
  8. Argentina
  9. Greece
  10. Bahrain

Notice how Arab countries have 5 spots in the list.

As for the world’s Lightest countries:

  1. North Korea
  2. Cambodia
  3. Burundi
  4. Nepal
  5. Democ. Rep. of the Congo
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Vietnam
  10. Eritrea

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Who’s having the tantrum? Me or my toddler?

We all have those parenting moments where we might wish that the ground would swallow us up, that we could run away from this parenting job we got ourselves into, when our kids are driving us insane and we have no escape so we lash out with all of our bottled up frustrations and turn into nasty monsters that shout, hit and demean these beings that we chose to bring into this world.

There are days when I just want to be alone, I don’t want to deal with the millions of why’s and hows and commands and suggestions and wants and demands and cries and smothers from my little girl. And when I lash out, shout, order and dictate to her because I have emotions that I am struggling to place in order and breathe out and manage, she only sees someone she loves, her world, her comfort her sanctuary churn her up and spit her out.

She doesn’t understand that I am having a crappy day and that actually I am the one who has issues I need to address, all she understands for that very moment is that she is alone, unheard, uncared for, unloved and unsafe. When I spend hours at my computer trolling facebook, twitter and google, I do it at her expense and mine too- because I deprive myself of these precious moments with her, and she soon realizes that my computer, my “work” and everything else I need to do is more important and takes priority over her, And she accepts it, forgives me and learns to find ways to cope and make the best of her situation.

And when I am done, having my tantrum, or done with my trolling, it dawns on me and I feel guilty.

And she is ever willing to forgive my short- comings and love me all over again. Unconditionally.

A day at the planetarium is a day well spent

Over the weekend we decided to check out the planetarium among other adventures planned for the day.

We started out with a Grand mosque tour, followed by visiting the Kuwait National Museum and planetarium and then a visit to the stables.

The Planetarium is inside the Kuwait National Museum. Another great part of the museum was the heritage section, really really interesting to see how Kuwaiti’s lived, the herbalist, grocer, bridal room, weavers, etc.

But back to the planetarium- we got there when an arabic show was on, so we watched a little just to get a feel, and needed to leave shortly thereafter- I got a copy of the schedule so that I can arrange to go back more often. Is is a great indoor activity for this heat, one that can be enjoyed by kids as well as parents, and entry is free!

The exact timings listed here for the English shows are:

Mondays: 9:30 am – Our Sky

11:30 am- Paper rocket

6:30 pm- Origins of life

Tuesdays: 10:30 am – Origins of life

12:00 pm – Infinity Express

5:00 pm – Paper rocket

6:30 pm – Stars of Pharoahs

Wednesdays: 10:30 am – Paper Rocket

12:00 pm – Stars

6:30 pm – Infinity Express

Thursdays: 9:30 am – Our sky

12:00 pm – Origins of life

5:45 pm – Infinity express

Fridays: 5:45 pm – Origins of life

Saturdays: 9:30 am – Stars of pharoahs

5:00 pm – Paper rocket

6:30 pm – stars


Have fun 🙂


Fire in Kuwait City

As I made my way into Kuwait city at around 4pm this afternoon, I noticed a huge plume of smoke blowing in the wind.

And there it was. A fire in a building that was being constructed.

This image was taken when I just got here, blocks away from the scene, and 10 minutes later 3 storeys were wilting away as I watched pieces of material (steel or wood) plunge from the top.

I have no idea whatever happened to the construction workers on site, I think they must have all been rescued and the fire trucks from various stations were in full force.

I’d like to say, based on my own account of what I had noticed, was that the fire was well contained even as the winds blew strong. Within the next hour and a half there was only just a thread of smoke that I witnessed from my home, a slight distance away.

Since the villagio fire in Doha a few weeks ago, fires have a new meaning to me, a new fear instilled, a sense of alertness and precaution. I assume that this heat is a great player in aiding and fuelling fires in this region as temperatures rapidly increase from 30’s to 40’s going on 50’s

Does anyone else have any more info on this fire today?

Stay safe and be cautious wherever you are.