Ramadaan Affirmations to keep you motivated

Make this Ramadan your best ever (Article posted in Citypages Magazine)

Did you know that you have the choice and the ability to make this Ramadan as fantastic and positive as you wish for it to be? Let’s explore how. Now, for all of us Ramadan is coming, and we will experience it. Each one of us will find something new, unique and interesting in the way we experience it. We would be able to distinguish our varied experiences by telling them to each other, and in doing so we will find we have similar challenges or differing outlooks.

You needn’t be Muslim only to experience Ramadan. In fact if it is your first Ramadan as a non Muslim in an Islamic culture this will be a time that you will be able t explore, learn and seek to understand what goes on during this month, what drives people to fast in this heat and what keeps their spirits energised throughout this period. Being a Muslim, it may be your first time in Kuwait this Ramadan, or perhaps the first time you fast in a summer like this, and even if there is nothing new for you really, you will still have a new and unique experience- an experience you choose to have. Ramadan is inevitable, it’s going to arrive and you will experience it anyway. Why not allow yourself to make this your ultimate experience thus far, an experience that is positive, fulfilling and one that brings joy to your heart and comfort to your soul. So how can we create this?

Our minds have filter systems, just like an air filter, that filters out the unwanted dust and other muck in order to protect the environment around us, and in turn protect and look out for us. If we understand how our filter works we can use it to optimise our thoughts about certain things. We have the power to choose if we will filter out negative thoughts, and people from our minds, and to what extent we protect our minds from absorbing negative energy. Having positive thoughts, translate into us feeling great. And when we feel great our actions demonstrate and glow in this greatness. By turning on our filters, we can choose the thoughts we want to have about Ramadan, we can choose who influences them. Would we allow complaints and moans and groans from others through our filters? Or are we going to seek out those positive people who illuminate with joy and abundance this Ramadan? The choice is yours.

Ramadan is a great opportunity to seek out its blessings and mercies, as they are abundant. And once we know what they are for us, we can focus on enveloping ourselves in the feelings these blessings bring to us, visualising how they will assist us in our own self-development and growth. We can grab opportunities to serve others in our communities, and watch how we can create a ripple effect on the people around us.

These are some affirmations that you could choose to rewrite and read every so often, or you may choose to come up with your own specific ones as you find new meanings that this month holds for you.

Ramadan brings me energy and a new spirit of self-reflection

My heart is open to generosity and kindness

As Ramadan grows on me so does compassion and empathy

I become more conscious about my words and thoughts

Ramadan propels me to look for creative ways to help others, my environment and Allah’s creatures

My hunger pangs draw me towards reflecting on my eating habits, towards simplicity and whole foods

My hunger pangs remind me to reflect on the poor, those in war zones, and the vulnerable

I am more conscious about caring for and conserving the earth that Allah has blessed me with

As my fast begins I reflect on building and enhancing relationships with my loved ones I create avenues to strengthen my family ties, through prayer and mealtimes

As I fast, I gain inner strength and success

The more grateful I am to my Creator, the more gratitude I am able to find around me

I am fortunate to be blessed with another Ramadan, and accept it with joy I have a powerful inner strength in mind and body this Ramadan

I release any fears in me and allow Ramadan’s blessings to shower me I attract healthy eating and lifestyle habits

I believe in myself and my ability to fast with complete submission to my Creator

As Ramadan embarks, so does my level of spirituality and faith to please my Creator

I choose Imaan, I choose sisterhood/ brotherhood, I choose community and giving

I Approach this Ramadan with an enhanced energy and attitude this year.

It is the perfect opportunity for mental and spiritual rejuvenation.