Super Sweet Deceptively D`elicious

This mornings booster contained spinach, a whole lottta mint freshly picked, some papaya, melon, pineapple, banana and date paste. I also added some pollen and flax oil.

When curly tops looked at it she didn’t want any, and asked for a pink smoothie. I suggested she have a taste of it knowing she would get past the color and enjoy it. And that’s exactly what happened. It was super sweet- too sweet for me in fact but densely packed with goodness.



Had an early morning start today, so I needed to get going early.

I soaked my greens the minute I woke up and hit the shower, by then the greens had been well soaked and ready for the blender.

I chucked in an orange, 2 bananas becoming over ripe, an apple and a mango

Then i added my greens, I had some spinach, beet leaves and coriander.

whizzed it up with flax seed oil and bee pollen

and I was ready to go

I made extra for me to take with coz I tend to feel hungry quickly, packed oats and fruit for curly tops, she doesn’t always fancy the greens in the smoothie and hubby doesn’t like the taste of banana- so more for me! At least that’s what I had thought.

Grrrr, curly tops helped herself to my one bottle, and her dad to the other. So I was left to have sips here and there. I could have packed more had I known but so thrilled that they chose and wanted to have mine.

Less for me but the smoothie fever seems to be catching on


this strawberry ice cream is really rich, creamy and good for you

down to earth, a store and page on facebook that sells wholesome, eco and sustainable products posted a link about coconut oil. And this recipe looked like it needed to be made immediately and with urgency 🙂   (Excuse the way I have added the link, I’m still trying to figure some things out here :p and wanted to share the recipe anyway)

Instead of making a pie with a crust, I just made the filling, poured them into little cups and placed them in the fridge as mini desserts.

I also poured some into ice cream molds that curly tops is looking forward to having this afternoon 🙂

These are wholesome, rich and nourishing. 🙂

Pink green smoothie this morning

This morning I popped a banana, papaya, melon, frozen blueberries and strawberries into the blender. I then added a whole lotta green leaves (a mixture of spinach, beet, and coriander leaves). I blended it up and then remembered I had some goji berries which I tossed in together with bee pollen and flax seed oil. I needed to add some water to get the blender going and later on to thin it out. Curly tops is a great judge of taste because if its something that doesn’t taste good there’s no way she will drink it, and she did. The whole glass full 🙂

I wish I was able to use all organic ingredients. My greens were organic from the sultan center (yasmin farms and sultan farms products), the others were regular ones. I good tip I did pick up was to get into the habit of soaking all my fruits and veggies is vinegar water, wash them up in it to remove all the pesticides and then rinse with clean water before eating and cooking with.


Basil Pesto Spaghetti

A few weeks ago I bought some plants to test out my green fingers, I’m glad to say that my herbs are flourishing and are in abundance.

I needed to find a way to use up all my basil after harvesting them and what I came up with was delicious, wholesome and easy. I found the main idea from a recipe book and added some of my own as I went along.

To start off with a picked my basil, added a few rosemary sprigs and mint.

Then I washed and tossed it into the blender with the other ingredients while I boiled the spaghetti on the side and in 10 minutes we had a meal.

The ingredients I used:

2/3 cup of herbs (basil with bits of mint and rosemary)

4 Tbsp pine nuts -they are sooooo yummy but pricey 😦

1/4 cup of olive oil, I used a little more so that the whole wheat spaghetti didn’t taste dry

himalayan salt

2 Tbsp garlic

Blend all the above

I then added some grated Parmesan, other cheese (I had white cheddar) and pepper according to taste

I Threw the pesto mixture over the drained spaghetti, tossed until it was well mixed

It didn’t need to be heated or cooked on the stove since the spaghetti was still warm. (So I guess this could be considered nearly raw)

And this was the end result just before it was gobbled up 🙂

Vegetable Qinuoa Lasanga

I had lots of tomatoes and Zuccini and needed to put them to good use. My cupboard also always has quinoa which can be added to almost anything for extra super protein.

So this is what I used:

1 onion

few (4) garlic cloves

1 tray mushrooms

red pepper

3 zuchinnis

4 tbsp qinuoa (slighlty pre cooked in water)

about 3 -4 tomotoes

Spices: Green chiili crushed, coriander, salt and pepper

Herbs: Fresh basil, parsely

1 small tub ricotta cheese (labneh)

1 egg

Lasagna sheets

How I made it:

Braised my onions slices in some coconut oil, I added the garlic (thinly sliced) and let that braise until it was transparent

Then I added all my chopped up veggies and qinuoa excluding the tomato

I added spices accordingly- we like it a bit spicy

Blended my tomato separately and then added it to the veggies

I then switched off the stove and sprinkled in the dry and fresh herbs I had

In a separate bowl I whisked up the ricotta cheese, and egg

I then layered my Pyrex dish with the veggies, lasagna sheets and cheese mixture layer by layer ensuring that the lasagna was well covered in veggies and sauce.

I sprinkled with some cheese and popped it into the over.

It was yummy 🙂


Another green smoothie start to our day

When my husband first saw this he was grossed out, I’m sure like many of you. I would be too. Although I must add that it definitely tastes far better than it looks. And yes it be made to actually taste pleasant.

So I urged my hubby just to taste it. One small sip and if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to have more. And he did!! From making disgusted faces at the sight of it he started asking me to make more. And since then we have been making smoothies every morning, and he even takes a bottle with him to work as part of his “detox”.

While curly tops is still not willing to try, understanding her preferences I made her a papaya smoothie this morning with coconut water, flax seed oil and bee pollen. She loved it! And I am thrilled that all those nutrients got into her system to kick start her day too.

Go on, try it. Dare yourself and you wont be sorry