Rescued kitten denied access to help

Just over a week ago a friend of mine found an abandoned kitten in a box. She spent the afternoon waiting with it in the hope of finding its mother but the mom didn’t show up. It appears that the kitten must have been a domestic one, and the owners must have abandoned it, that’s how it landed up in a box on the street, left to die.

She is a true animal lover and wild life ranger, and the only that that felt morally right for her to do was to rescue the kitten, who couldn’t have been older that 3 days.

She syringe fed it, tried to keep it warm and provide as much love to it as she could, in the hope of saving a life. Unfortunately her building policy is “NO PETS”. The manager found out the she had this kitten and demanded she put the kitten back in the street where she found it. She had a day to get rid of it before she would be kicked out of the building and/or pay a heavy fine. As my friend explained that she knew the rules, and didn’t however go out to buy a new cat, she just wanted to help it live until she could find a new home for it, the manager was in no means negotiable. Sad reality that animal lives, are so easily disregarded. Now I understand the problem here of many stray cats, etc and that sometimes perhaps it makes sense to put them down. But when looking at each individual case can we not have some compassion?

Sadly, during her quest to save the kitten, rehome her with a foster cat and deal with the manager of her building the kitten stopped breathing after a week 😦 I do feel that it is better off now, considering the challenges this poor thing faced. I am so proud of my friend still who, in her desire to save a little life, definitely extended the kittens life to a week more than it would have lived and provided it with the love it didn’t have.

Kudos to all you animal, earth and peace lovers. It takes one person to make change, whether it is in the life of an animal, to advocate on vulnerable people in unfortunate circumstances or to demonstrate love.


Dilapidation in the middle of wealth and modernity

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Yesterday I visited a friends place, her building is close to the city- a beautiful high rise building with good furnishings and very modern. She has great city views and sea views from the 14th floor.

As I admired the view and looked down, I was taken by surprise by the very contrasting views below. It is possible that a person sleeps on the mattress, outside on the roof. It is also very possible that 20 men live in a tiny room that seems to have no light or windows and doors. I saw that the tap outside was used for washing clothing and personal ablutions. I also saw a man doing his shaving and grooming right there in full view of whoever was watching.

Being a young professional myself, and interacting with people in my “league” I realised that I was so far removed from the realities and trials of real people, real struggles and poor conditions. And while I do not want to minimise the struggles that middle- upper class people face, we still have the financial “comforts” to soften our blows and our trials.

I landed up watching from the top for quite a while, absorbing all this below me. A part of me felt I would not want to have this kind of view every day, and on further introspection I realized it would be my way of turning my back, pretending that people don’t really live this way. Not wanting to be overcome by some sort of guilt.

But then I thought perhaps it is good to live close to this, it may drive me into being more charitable with my time and money. It may propel me and/  others to advocate for those who are in vulnerable situations.And for now, this very moment to find gratitude in the many many many blessings and comforts I have