Friday souk- Amber



Im in love with amber, these here are a variety of amber beads used as prayer beads. The the variety in colour, there are white ones, orange ones, burnt orange an brown ones. The prices were very reasonable compared to a place in the city where they were very overpriced.

Amber has great healing properties, it works wonders for babies born with jaundice, great for pain relief, especially for teething babies and they look beautiful. When the amber beads are rubbed, it gives off a slight scent. When it mixes with the oils on ur skin it’s substance penetrates and the healing begins.

Amber, from what I have been told is well sought after here in Kuwait, you will notice many men carrying them in their hands.

I used my amber misbah ( prayer beads) as a necklace for curly tops when she was teething. I removed the string and replaced it with a transparent elastic. She now uses it when she feels like as part of her growing collection of beads and necklaces.

Id love to know more about amber in the Arab culture. Also about the turquoise blue feroze stone. Do tell me more 🙂


My first blog post

Hello world

Since this is my first post, and I’m still rather new at this I’m wondering what to say and where to start.

Think I’ll dedicate this first post to a dear friend, coached me along and planted the seed that I needed to blog.

Why on earth is my blog name White amber? Well I recently relised the immense value and healing properties of Amber. Amber is a gem stone, brilliant for teething babies and toddlers as it works as a pain reliever, it has been used on babies with slight touches of jaundice at birth and is apparently great for people who have low blood and anemia.

To my surprise, Amber is highly valued in the middle east and is used as prayer beads, called Misbah’s. It seems like it could be a sign of prestige and honour.  The colour and size of the beads determines its value.

While strolling around the Kuwait city streets we came across an antique shop, filled with really antique-y stuff, these and other precious stones. The owner, a cute old man, very passionate about his hobby showed us around and then called his friend to show us his misbah. WOW!!!! it was HUGE, orange- yellow in colour, and gold plated. Each bead was the size of an apricot…I could not imagine the cost and decided not to know.

After becoming even more intrigued and really wanting one for my Little girl we decided to indulge and got her one to wear around her neck. She loves wearing it and I enjoy knowing that discomfort from teething will now be relieved naturally…