Beit Sadu, Gorgeous, Traditional, Tranquil

A few days ago I visited Beit Sadu for their chai dhaha event.

I have for a while been meaning to stop by but for some reason I just haven’t until just recently.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, watching the lady using a loom to turn the wool into thread, the ambiance and the friendliness of those who were there.

The place felt very ethnic, rich with culture and tradition. Curly tops and I enjoyed sipping on chai, and dabbling into the yummy dates. I really loves these teapots, they weren’t for sale otherwise I would have bought one.

I would definitely love to visit again and I have been told that they will be starting again in September with free story telling for kids every Saturday morning.


Needle in the sand

The weather has been blessed, it really has been. And to make the most of it curly tops and I have opted to send many mornings at the beach.

While playing in the sand and enjoying the earth beneath our feet, as I smothered my feet into the sand something struck me. It was laying loosely on the sand and to my dismay, as I peaked closer it was a syringe with the very long sharp needle still in place.

Also in the sand were soiled nappies, plastic bottle tops, spoons and forks, bones…yes chicken bones, from the nearby “burger king” and many other unimaginable items.

For expats who have never lived on the coast before, being close to the sea is a real treat. Thankfully, I guess, (I think- maybe not), I have chosen to be careful and still enjoy the beach, while many of my friends are too disgusted to go near any of them, fearing an accidental walk into the sharp needle and other stuff, and the fact that the sewage is dumped into the water.

My hope is that people see the beauty around them and ensure that we all do our bit to look after mother nature. In the meantime we will continue to frequent the beaches and soak up the sun, sand and water.