Friday souk- birds

We ventured out on Saturday to the Friday souk (souk Al Jummah) just to wander around and see what bargains we could find.

We started at the animal section- an incredible experience, I’m not sure if I was fascinated, shocked, scared or squirmish. But whatever it was I needed to contain myself as I didn’t want to model a fear of animals to my daughter. Although I am not really scared of animals I was squirmish as we entered each of the tiny shops that were filled with more birds than such a tiny space could handle and all the tweeting in this confined area was a bit hard on the ear.

Also just seeing so many animals, kept in cages smaller than they were was heartbreaking, rather disturbing.

A family member is a pigeon racer back home, he has more than 100 pigeons that he races every now and then. How it works is the pigeons are transported to a distant place and then they all fly back to their own homes and are timed to see how long they take. I took these pictures to send home because even he might never have seen such a variety of pigeons.

Last night curly tops made a special prayer, asking that God protect all the animals, everywhere.