grateful for an airconditioner in this HEAT

I was out early this morning and can not believe this heat already. Curly tops decided she was in the mood to wear her winter boots for some reason and refuses to take them off- I’ve decided to let her be and learn through her own experiential learning, although I did keep some back up sandals with me for when realization dawns on her.

Thankful for a car that takes me places, and en route keeps me cool and comfortable and made it possible for her to survive the boots in the scorch of summer.

My heart goes out to all those who have no private cars and need to walk from place to place, use the buses and are working all day in the sun and heat. Those guys at the petrol/ gas stations, the street cleaners, construction workers just to name a few. They are the ones who should be allowed to complain. I cannot go out much in this heat and do feel rather stuck at times, but at least I have the privilege of staying cool indoors.

Thumbs up to all who need to brave the heat, hoping that you find ways of staying hydrated and cool within your circumstances. Perhaps the best I can do is keep some cold water with me to pass on to people I see.

Your thoughts? Ideas to make a small difference?



Dilapidation in the middle of wealth and modernity

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Yesterday I visited a friends place, her building is close to the city- a beautiful high rise building with good furnishings and very modern. She has great city views and sea views from the 14th floor.

As I admired the view and looked down, I was taken by surprise by the very contrasting views below. It is possible that a person sleeps on the mattress, outside on the roof. It is also very possible that 20 men live in a tiny room that seems to have no light or windows and doors. I saw that the tap outside was used for washing clothing and personal ablutions. I also saw a man doing his shaving and grooming right there in full view of whoever was watching.

Being a young professional myself, and interacting with people in my “league” I realised that I was so far removed from the realities and trials of real people, real struggles and poor conditions. And while I do not want to minimise the struggles that middle- upper class people face, we still have the financial “comforts” to soften our blows and our trials.

I landed up watching from the top for quite a while, absorbing all this below me. A part of me felt I would not want to have this kind of view every day, and on further introspection I realized it would be my way of turning my back, pretending that people don’t really live this way. Not wanting to be overcome by some sort of guilt.

But then I thought perhaps it is good to live close to this, it may drive me into being more charitable with my time and money. It may propel me and/  others to advocate for those who are in vulnerable situations.And for now, this very moment to find gratitude in the many many many blessings and comforts I have