A day at the planetarium is a day well spent

Over the weekend we decided to check out the planetarium among other adventures planned for the day.

We started out with a Grand mosque tour, followed by visiting the Kuwait National Museum and planetarium and then a visit to the stables.

The Planetarium is inside the Kuwait National Museum. Another great part of the museum was the heritage section, really really interesting to see how Kuwaiti’s lived, the herbalist, grocer, bridal room, weavers, etc.

But back to the planetarium- we got there when an arabic show was on, so we watched a little just to get a feel, and needed to leave shortly thereafter- I got a copy of the schedule so that I can arrange to go back more often. Is is a great indoor activity for this heat, one that can be enjoyed by kids as well as parents, and entry is free!

The exact timings listed here for the English shows are:

Mondays: 9:30 am – Our Sky

11:30 am- Paper rocket

6:30 pm- Origins of life

Tuesdays: 10:30 am – Origins of life

12:00 pm – Infinity Express

5:00 pm – Paper rocket

6:30 pm – Stars of Pharoahs

Wednesdays: 10:30 am – Paper Rocket

12:00 pm – Stars

6:30 pm – Infinity Express

Thursdays: 9:30 am – Our sky

12:00 pm – Origins of life

5:45 pm – Infinity express

Fridays: 5:45 pm – Origins of life

Saturdays: 9:30 am – Stars of pharoahs

5:00 pm – Paper rocket

6:30 pm – stars


Have fun 🙂



Vegetarian restuarant in the city

I noticed this place a few times but never went in until yesterday. I wish I had tried it sooner? And now that I found it I will be going there more- It was really good.

It is close to the Heritage souk, Mubarikiyya, and behind this are some lovely antique and traditional shops.

Its a modest little place, but the ambeince in the place is really quite good. What struck me the most were the portraits of Mahatma Ghandi, and on each portrait was a small saying by him. His words of wisdom are so profound, very thought provoking if you internalize each one. Maybe that’s why I like the place, even though their food was great too, and very reasonably priced.

Quotes on the wall:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world- Ghandi

The weak can never forgive- Ghandi

An eye for an eye makes the world blind- Ghandi

My greatest weapon is mute prayer- Ghandi
Hatred can be overcome only by love-Ghandi

We ordered a paneer dish which is similar to ricotta cheese in a curry and a mushroom curry, both were outstanding. The bread was freshly made and soft and the watermelon juice was sweet (no added sugar) and yummy. My husband later ordered a masalah chai and in total our bill was about 5 KD altogether.

If you decide to venture out into the city, and especially to Mubarikiyya I highly recommend you stop by and have a bite.