Fire in Kuwait City

As I made my way into Kuwait city at around 4pm this afternoon, I noticed a huge plume of smoke blowing in the wind.

And there it was. A fire in a building that was being constructed.

This image was taken when I just got here, blocks away from the scene, and 10 minutes later 3 storeys were wilting away as I watched pieces of material (steel or wood) plunge from the top.

I have no idea whatever happened to the construction workers on site, I think they must have all been rescued and the fire trucks from various stations were in full force.

I’d like to say, based on my own account of what I had noticed, was that the fire was well contained even as the winds blew strong. Within the next hour and a half there was only just a thread of smoke that I witnessed from my home, a slight distance away.

Since the villagio fire in Doha a few weeks ago, fires have a new meaning to me, a new fear instilled, a sense of alertness and precaution. I assume that this heat is a great player in aiding and fuelling fires in this region as temperatures rapidly increase from 30’s to 40’s going on 50’s

Does anyone else have any more info on this fire today?

Stay safe and be cautious wherever you are.


Beit Sadu, Gorgeous, Traditional, Tranquil

A few days ago I visited Beit Sadu for their chai dhaha event.

I have for a while been meaning to stop by but for some reason I just haven’t until just recently.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, watching the lady using a loom to turn the wool into thread, the ambiance and the friendliness of those who were there.

The place felt very ethnic, rich with culture and tradition. Curly tops and I enjoyed sipping on chai, and dabbling into the yummy dates. I really loves these teapots, they weren’t for sale otherwise I would have bought one.

I would definitely love to visit again and I have been told that they will be starting again in September with free story telling for kids every Saturday morning.

Vegetarian restuarant in the city

I noticed this place a few times but never went in until yesterday. I wish I had tried it sooner? And now that I found it I will be going there more- It was really good.

It is close to the Heritage souk, Mubarikiyya, and behind this are some lovely antique and traditional shops.

Its a modest little place, but the ambeince in the place is really quite good. What struck me the most were the portraits of Mahatma Ghandi, and on each portrait was a small saying by him. His words of wisdom are so profound, very thought provoking if you internalize each one. Maybe that’s why I like the place, even though their food was great too, and very reasonably priced.

Quotes on the wall:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world- Ghandi

The weak can never forgive- Ghandi

An eye for an eye makes the world blind- Ghandi

My greatest weapon is mute prayer- Ghandi
Hatred can be overcome only by love-Ghandi

We ordered a paneer dish which is similar to ricotta cheese in a curry and a mushroom curry, both were outstanding. The bread was freshly made and soft and the watermelon juice was sweet (no added sugar) and yummy. My husband later ordered a masalah chai and in total our bill was about 5 KD altogether.

If you decide to venture out into the city, and especially to Mubarikiyya I highly recommend you stop by and have a bite.