Vegetable Qinuoa Lasanga

I had lots of tomatoes and Zuccini and needed to put them to good use. My cupboard also always has quinoa which can be added to almost anything for extra super protein.

So this is what I used:

1 onion

few (4) garlic cloves

1 tray mushrooms

red pepper

3 zuchinnis

4 tbsp qinuoa (slighlty pre cooked in water)

about 3 -4 tomotoes

Spices: Green chiili crushed, coriander, salt and pepper

Herbs: Fresh basil, parsely

1 small tub ricotta cheese (labneh)

1 egg

Lasagna sheets

How I made it:

Braised my onions slices in some coconut oil, I added the garlic (thinly sliced) and let that braise until it was transparent

Then I added all my chopped up veggies and qinuoa excluding the tomato

I added spices accordingly- we like it a bit spicy

Blended my tomato separately and then added it to the veggies

I then switched off the stove and sprinkled in the dry and fresh herbs I had

In a separate bowl I whisked up the ricotta cheese, and egg

I then layered my Pyrex dish with the veggies, lasagna sheets and cheese mixture layer by layer ensuring that the lasagna was well covered in veggies and sauce.

I sprinkled with some cheese and popped it into the over.

It was yummy 🙂