Another green smoothie start to our day

When my husband first saw this he was grossed out, I’m sure like many of you. I would be too. Although I must add that it definitely tastes far better than it looks. And yes it be made to actually taste pleasant.

So I urged my hubby just to taste it. One small sip and if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to have more. And he did!! From making disgusted faces at the sight of it he started asking me to make more. And since then we have been making smoothies every morning, and he even takes a bottle with him to work as part of his “detox”.

While curly tops is still not willing to try, understanding her preferences I made her a papaya smoothie this morning with coconut water, flax seed oil and bee pollen. She loved it! And I am thrilled that all those nutrients got into her system to kick start her day too.

Go on, try it. Dare yourself and you wont be sorry


Organic goodies

I’m always playing hide and seek when it comes to searching out organic wholesome produce.

It has been a good adventure, especially when I find the rewards after lots of searching.

This week I weaved my way through the city to get to Qadisiyya, I was told that there is a bakery there that sells yeast free, organic, whole foods and freshly baked wholesome bread. You can imagine my excitement when I just found out about this place and then when I actually got to it….I was in heaven, well close at least 🙂

The place is called Raha Stone Mill. It’s in the same vicinity as the Co-op in Qadisiyya. They even have a facebook page.

Unfortunately the pictures I took of the place with my “smart”phone somehow didn’t save so all I have to show you are the products I purchased. Nonetheless, here are my little luxuries…




I need to start finding some recipe-treats to make with my spelt flour, and those dates are going to be great in many “guilt-free” desserts. I can’t wait to get started.

Do you know of any other places that sell these Organic goodies? I would love to know